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SVNLecture (PHP scripts for managing SVN repositories)

SVNLecture is a set of PHP scripts that manages SVN repositories especially for Programming Course. Students are allowed to access under their personal folder and can commit thier workfiles on the repository. Teachers can access their workfiles by simple checkout of the root folder as well as Trac repository browser.

To start SVNLecture service on your site, download the PHP scripts by the svn command, and follows README.

$ svn co http://css.jaist.ac.jp/hosting/svn/svnlecture/SVNLecture/trunk
(user: guest, pass: guest)

SVN4Lec (Simple SVN client written in Java)

Source code of SVN4Lec is publicized as SVN repository. You can checkout the file as an workspace project for Eclipse IDE.

$ svn co http://css.jaist.ac.jp/hosting/svn/svnlecture/SVN4Lec/trunk
(user: guest, pass: guest)

If you want to checkout above code with SVN4Lec itself, download SVN4Lec-trunk.zip and follow README.txt.

Also you need to checkout SVNKIT in order to build the source code. SVN4Lec relies on SVNKIT for Subversion features, and the COPYRIGHT follows The TMate License. Please refer to COPYING in the distributed file.

Call for committers/contributors!!

If you want to contribute to improve these softwares, please email to miuramo at jaist.ac.jp. I will reply to you with an account for committing your code on the above repository.



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