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Anchor Garden 2

(Note: We provide JAR files because Java Web Start was deprecated.

We propose ``Anchor Garden,'' a workbench software to learn fundamentals of data structure with concepts of type, variable, object, and its relations in a strongly-typed object oriented programming language such as Java and C\#. Learners can approach the concepts by a direct manipulation of graphical models. Anchor Garden (AG) allows the learners to create variables and objects, and to link among them. Since AG automatically generates source-code corresponding to the learner's manipulations, the learner can relate manipulations and representations of source code. Experimental result showed a positive tendency of learning effect with AG, and high correlations between the concept understanding and programming ability. Thus AG has a possibility to enhance the programming ability for novice programmers.

Demo Video (created by Jing)



Source Code


  1. Motoki Miura, Taro Sugihara, Susumu Kunifuji: Anchor Garden: An Interactive Workbench for Basic Data Concept Learning in Object Oriented Programming Languages, Proceedings of 14th ACM–SIGCSE Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE2009), Paris, pp. 141-145, July 2009. (info)